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Sergio Covarrubias Gray

Born in Santiago, Chile, on February 12th, 1960.

Graduated from ARCIS (Art and Social Sciences University) in Santiago de Chile, he is initially interested in cinema, radio and video.

After travelling through South America, Canada and Europe, in 1989 he settles in Milan, Italy, where he is still living today.
In Milan he gets a master in Visual Arts and Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Since 1994 he is established as professional photographer, working mainly on advertising, business, industrial and reportage photography.

For years he has collaborated with artists, making portraits and CD covers. In 1997 he won the London "Design of Excellence" for the CD cover of acid jazz "Free Flow". He is listed in the European Regional Design Annual of the prestigious American revue PRINT.

  Sergio Covarrubias Gray
Along with his professional activities, he has carried out a personal research exploring new forms and visual expressions.

He has participated in various collective exhibitions; among these the "Cento immagini" organized by the Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan) and "Texere" a collective by Chilean artists that received valuable critics (Marseille).

In November 2003, at the Royal Palace of Monza (Milan), he presents a personal exhibition "Lampi". In May 2006 he participates in the show "Following the trace of Informality", at the Spazio Asteria of Milan.